Remember me and my Baby Musings? Well, I’m back with a bang this Diwali!



Hi there, #SmartMums! It’s me again – you cute little know-it-all. So, I still haven’t learnt to talk. But I have learnt to write and type. My fingers are too small so I use my toes on the keyboard and I’ve got to say all those keys toe the line. In fact I’ve put together some of my thought bubbles about this year’s Diwali celebrations. Do read them before they fly away.

I am soooooo happy that the Supreme Court has curtailed loud Diwali bombs. All those loud POPS (not you, dad!), BOOMS and BANGS were driving me nuts … or should I say crackers! I have to confess though. There’s an ulterior motive behind my support for this clampdown on crackers. Waking up people at night is my prerogative. Those cracker makers shouldn’t steal my thunder.

What I and other babies my age love about this festival of lights are all those streamers, lanterns, diyas (although I am not allowed to go near them) and decoration. My first Diwali was really bright and jataak! The house was lit with LED string lights. Colourful rangolis decorated the floors. Mom tried hard to keep me away from the rangolis but I somehow managed to crawl on the rangolis, and guess what? My dress didn’t get dirty. How? Because both the rangoli and my dress were purple!

Speaking of colour co-ordinated clothes, let me give you the lowdown about the fashion showdowns this Diwali. My aunts and uncles took festive dressing to a whole new level of drama! I mean, I know I sound rude but they should have shown some mercy on my delicate eyes. Stark orange with bright pink, green, yellow, blue, magenta, purple (and sometimes all in the same dress!) Some of them could have given a kaleidoscope a complex!

The whole day was full of noise, cheek-pulling and good food, *only for others*. For me, only doodh-food. Finally the night arrived and mum actually thought I would go to sleep. Duh! I didn’t… With my eyes wide open, I saw all my uncles and aunties throwing some cards on the floor. And then out of nowhere, they would remove notes from their pockets and throw them along with the cards. And as the dawn was arriving, some of my relatives began hitting their heads and pulling their hair – acting all weird. I don’t know what happened to them. I am not sure if they were celebrating Diwali or lamenting Diwala.

Don’t know about them but for me it was a wonderful Diwali! And by the looks of it, it’s going to be a Happy New Year too as I caught mom browsing some awesome stuff on

Ok, I have to go now. Have fun, guys! And have a WONDERFUL DIWALI!



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