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Keep your baby’s skin silky smooth with soothing baby powder.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and requires the most care. You baby’s skin is soft and delicate and needs to be taken care of especially while they are growing. Excess moisture on your baby’s skin can lead to many skin problems and rashes. Morisons Baby Dreams Soothing Powder is a baby powder that is available online and it keeps your baby’s skin soft and makes movement easy as it prevents skin from rubbing against itself and therefore does not make it uncomfortable for baby to move around. This baby powder also keeps your baby cool in warmer weather and is very soothing if your baby feels uncomfortable. It also prevents sweating and the buildup of excess germs and bacteria.

Designed for your baby’s skin

Morisons Baby Dreams Soothing Powder is developed with your child in mind. It contains Zinc Stearate and olive oil so your baby’s skin does not get too dry and maintains the right level of moisture to keep your little one’s skin healthy.

Safe, comforting and protective

The ingredients of Morisons Baby Dreams Soothing Powder are safe for your little one and only help to protect their skin. It prevents skin abrasions as it reduces friction between limbs and it reduces buildup of sweat to prevent the formation of bacteria and germs. Keep your baby’s skin healthy and silky with Morisons Baby Dreams Soothing Powder.