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PRIVACY POLICY (“Website”) is owned and launched by The Company Furnishing SolutionsPrivate Limited (“Company”). All information and content provided on the Website shall be the solecopyright of the Company and all rights for distribution are reserved with the Company. All users ofthis Website (“Users”) shall be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

1. Introduction

The Company values all personal information provided by a User. The Company therefore providesthis Privacy Policy which (a) sets out the Website’s policy and practices in relation to personalinformation of its Users; and (b) explains its online information practices to better protect a User’sprivacy and inform the User of the choices it can make about the way its information is collected andused.

This Privacy Policy provides guidelines that fulfil the Company’s obligations under the InformationTechnology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data orInformation) Rules, 2011 (“Information Technology Rules”) describing how the Company handles ordeals with the personal information of a User.

For ease of access, this Privacy Policy is available on the Company’s homepage. This Privacy Policy forms a part of the Website’s Terms of Use and covers the treatment of the Userinformation, including personally identifying information obtained by the Company, includinginformation obtained when a User accesses the Website, uses any services provided by the Website.

The Privacy Policy read with the Terms of Use and the Sale Terms Policy shall collectively governthe access and usage of the Website. Further all the terms and conditions contained in the PrivacyPolicy, the Terms of Use as well as the Sale Terms Policy shall be governed by and construed inaccordance with the laws of India. The User consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts ofMumbai, India in respect of any disputes arising in connection with the use of the Website or anyother relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices or any matter related to or in connectiontherewith.

All capitalized terms used herein below shall be ascribed the same meaning as set out in the Terms ofUse, unless otherwise specifically defined herein.

2. Applicability of Policy

This Privacy Policy shall be applicable to all information collected or submitted on the Website. ThisPrivacy Policy does not apply to information collected by or through any other medium, collectedoffline or by any other person and/or entity other than the Website or any other third party websitewhose link might be present on the Website. For example, if a User clicks on a link of another thirdparty website displayed on the Website, it may direct the User to the other third party websites inwhich case this Privacy Policy shall not be applicable.

3. Meaning of Personal Information

Personal Information shall mean any information that relates to a natural person, which either directlyor indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with theWebsite, is capable of identifying such person.

4. User Information

The Company may collect several types of information about its Users. Some of this information maybe given voluntarily by a User while availing certain services offered on the Website; while someinformation may be collected automatically when a User is using the Website.

Information provided voluntarily

It may be noted that the Company may require a User to voluntarily provide information abouthimself/ herself in the following events:

(a) when a User registers himself/ herself with the Website;

(b) when a User fills out a form/ application to avail any of the services provided by the Company onthe Website; and

(c) when a User communicates with the Company or makes a request on the Website; via e-mail orthrough other means.

In any of the aforesaid events, a User may be required to provide the following information:

(a) Name of the User;
(b) Contact details including postal address, pin code, email address, phone number, residency status;and
(c) Bank account, debit card and/or credit card details.

The User may note that it is possible that the Website/Company may collect Personal Informationabout him/her from sources other than themselves, such as forums, blogs, instant messaging and otherusers on third party websites. However, any such information shall not be considered to be sensitive,if it is freely available in the public domain or under any other applicable law for the time being inforce.

Information retrieved/collected automatically

The Company may collect a variety of technical, navigational and other non-personal informationabout a User when a User visits the Website, through the following:

a) Cookies: Cookies are pieces of data/ information that are sent by a web browser/ website and storedon the hard drive of a User’s computer. Cookies are a reliable mechanism for websites to rememberthe state of the website or activity a User had undertaken in the past, including clicking particularbuttons, logging in, or a record of which pages were visited by a User even months or years ago.

The Website may even assign a ‘cookie’ to a User, encrypting his/her information, which may besaved on the User’s computer hard drive while the User visits the Website. This will help adjust andtrack the User’s preferential information every time the User visits the Website thereafter. Users maynote that this Privacy Policy includes ‘cookies’ that are placed by the Website and does not cover any

‘cookie’ that may be placed by any third party website. The Company/ Website are not responsible forany ‘cookie’ that may be set by a third party website. The Company/ Website encourage every User toread the individual terms of use and privacy policy of this website setting up independent cookiesbefore using them and/or disclosing his/ her Personal Information. A User’s internet browser may notallow the User to store any cookies on his/her computer or alternatively a User may choose to deletethe stored cookies from his/her computer; however the User may note that, in such an event the User’snavigation through the Website or access to certain features/ services of the Website may be restrictedor denied.

b) Beacons/Bugs: A beacon is a picture file used to keep track of a User’s navigation through a singlewebsite or a series of websites.
The Company may use such web beacons to study and analyse the usage of the Website.

c) Usage Details: The Website may also collect details regarding a User’s visits to and navigationthrough the Website such as his/her location data, IP address, operating system, usage pattern,browser type, other resources that the User may be accessing etc.

5. Information by Children

The use of this Website has been essentially designed for Users above the age of 18 years only and isnot intended for any person below such age limit. Any User below the age of 18 years may not beallowed to avail the services offered on the Website. In the event it is brought to the notice of theCompany that Personal Information is furnished by a User less than 18 years of age in order to availany services/products/facilities available on the Website when not permitted to do so pursuant to theage limit restrictions, the same shall be deleted from the records of the Company. Further, in such anevent, the Company shall not be held responsible for any such information and/ or its non-availability.

6. Consent given by User

The User has granted his/her written consent to the Company/ Website to collect, possess, receive,upload, store, deal with, handle and/or use, share, disclose, disseminate and transfer the PersonalInformation and/or sensitive personal data to such persons and such lawful purposes as contained inthis Privacy Policy by clicking on the accept button provided for at the end of the Privacy Policy onthe Website. By clicking on the said button a User has accepted all the terms governing the usage ofthe Website including the Privacy Policy. Further, the User has also granted his/her consent to enablethe Company/ Website [and/or its independent service providers] to collect non-personallyidentifiable data by placing cookies etc. Once the Personal Information and/or sensitive personal dataare collected, the Company shall have the right to use the same for the purposes for which the samewere collected. The User agrees and undertakes that the use of the Website by the User is incompliance with the local laws applicable to the User.

7. Purposes for collection and usage of information

Personal and non-personal information collected by the Company/ Website, will be used by theCompany in handling general enquiries concerning its services, in providing better user interface,making the User’s use of the Website more user-friendly and without limiting the foregoing, for thefollowing purposes:

a) opening of user account and/or registration with the Website;
b) day to day operation of the services, products and facilities provided to Users;
c) designing or identifying services, data, information or related products for Users;
d) marketing (including direct marketing) of products/services;
e) meeting the requirements to make disclosure under any law applicable to the Website, theCompany, its designated partners, members, associates or employees, under and for the purposes ofcomplying with any directions or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which theWebsite/Company or any associated entity is expected to comply;
f) in connection with any exchange of information and verification and authentication of theinformation that may be provided by the User;
g) in connection with any system or facility for payment by electronic means or via othercommunication media in which the Websites participate;
h) to send a User alerts, notices, letters, newsletters, offers, response to request and other customersupport queries and/or any other communication which may be relevant and vital to the usage of theWebsite by the User;
i) for third party contractors that provide services to the Website;
j) to conduct internal reviews of the Website and administer the Website’s systems;
k) to alert a User about potential software compatibility issues and/or for improvement of the Website;
l) to enforce the “Terms of Use” and the “Sale Terms Policy” of the Website;
m) for all other purposes as may be disclosed when a User provides personally identifiableinformation/sensitive personal data; and
n) all other incidental and associated purposes relating to the above and any other purpose as theCompany may deem fit.

In the event a User chooses to use any function/service of the Website and send any data to his/ herfriend or another User with respect to that, then please be aware that the Website may display suchUser’s e-mail address to the person to whom the data has been sent and no prior consent shall be takenby the Website for the same. Further, the Website may use any information that such User may haveprovided about his/her friend or another User, to facilitate communication with them and as otherwiseset forth in this Privacy Policy.

8. Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company may disclose/ transfer (whether within or outside India) and/or exchange a User’spersonal data to and/ or with all such persons and/or entities, as may be required for the aforesaidlawful purposes, including but not limited to:

a) any of its designated partners, members, shareholders, associates or employees, or any of itsaffiliates;
b) any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative,telecommunications, computer, financial intermediary, payment or securities clearing or otherservices to the Company in connection with the Website or the operation of the Company’s businessand services through the Website;
c) any other person under a duty of confidentiality, including any member which has undertaken tokeep such information confidential;
d) any actual or proposed assignee of the Company or participant or sub-participant or transferee ofthe Company’s rights in respect of the information of the User;
e) to any third party when you choose to avail certain services/ facilities offered on the Website. Insuch an event, the Company does not take any responsibility for any misuse or unwarranted disclosureof such information that may be made by such third party.
f) any person to whom the Company is under an obligation to make disclosure under and for thepurposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities;
g) as may be required by law or court order or administrative/ government agency or in a situation ofnational emergency;
h) in any event where the Company has reason to believe that a User is in violation of any applicablelaw, rule or regulation, or interfering with the rights of any other person;
i) to any potential investor or purchaser of any interest in the
(i) Company or any associated entity orin its business in connection with any potential re-organization, merger or disposal or
(ii) the Website;as the case may be;
j) any lawyer or other professionals for the preparation of any document or professional adviceregarding the above; and

The Company will endeavour to ensure that the third party receiving any Personal Information doesnot disclose it further and shall observe the same level of data protection as is ensured by theCompany in respect of the Website and in consonance with the present Privacy Policy.

Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere, any Personal Information including sensitive datamay be disclosed by the Company to any third party by an order/ direction under the law for the timebeing in force, without any consent or other obligation. For instance, Personal Information may bereleased to an officer making the request if he provides a warrant or a court order requiring suchdisclosure.

Where a government agency makes a request to obtain information for the purpose of verification ofidentity, or for prevention, detection, and investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution andpunishment of offences, the Company may share the Personal Information without obtaining any priorconsent of the said User.

9. Verification of Information

In the event that a User chooses to avail any Service/ Product/ facility that may be offered through theWebsite or put in a request or query with respect to the same, the User shall have to register himself/herself with the Website and/ or provide Personal Information about himself/ herself. It may also benoted that the Company may (through their agents/ service providers) contact a User either through e-mail, fax, telephone or personal visits for verification/ confirmation of the same. In case a Useraccesses a third party service, link, or application, such third party may independently choose toverify the information of such a User and the Company/ Website shall not be responsible for thesame.

10. Option to withhold / withdraw

Prior to collection of the Personal Information (including sensitive personal data), the Website shallgive the User an option to withhold the data/ information sought. Further, a User may withdraw theconsent given to the Company on the Website by communicating the same in writing. However, suchwithholding of information or withdrawal of consent may result in the Company not being able toprovide services and facilities and the Company reserves its right to take appropriate action withrespect to any obligations or in relation to any contract under which such personal information wassought.

11. Accuracy of and Access to Personal Information

The Company will not be responsible for the accuracy or authenticity of the Personal Information orsensitive personal data that is provided by a User. It is the responsibility of the User to notify theWebsite of any changes to their Personal Information. To attain this end, a User shall be solelyresponsible for updating and maintaining the accuracy and authenticity of the Personal Information bymaking relevant changes through the Website or by emailing their request/clarification The Company makes good efforts to provide its Users with reasonableaccess to their respective Personal Information and shall ensure that any Personal Information foundto be inaccurate and brought to the notice of the Company by a User is rectified or amended asfeasible. The Company may however before processing such requests, ask the User intending to makesuch modifications to identify themselves and the information /data requested to be modified by themin order to avoid repetitive and/or illegitimate requests. The Company shall not be responsible for anydelay in updating such information.

12. Links to Third Party websites

The Website displays links of third party websites such as Facebook, twitter etc. Users may note thatsuch links to third party websites are not an endorsement of such third parties, their websites and/ortheir products/services by us. The Company/ Website do not take any responsibility for their privacypolicy, terms of use, content, services and products. They may place independent cookies on a User’scomputer or independently contact a User, for which the Company/ Website shall not be heldresponsible or liable in any manner whatsoever. The Company/ Website encourage every User to readthe individual terms of use and privacy policy of each of these websites before using them and/ordisclosing their Personal Information.

13. Forums and Testimonials

The Website may contain message/bulletin boards, chat rooms, or other message or communicationfacilities (collectively, “Forums”). Any information (pertaining to the Website such as passwords etc.)that a User may reveal at any Forum is not subject to this Privacy Policy and can be seen by thirdparties unrelated to the Website. It is therefore important that Users carefully consider whatinformation they disclose at such Forums. Any information that may be revealed in such a forum shallnot be considered to be sensitive personal information.

The testimonials that a User may write shall be published on the Website, without his/her consent. Inthe event a User wants his/her testimonial to be removed, he/she may write to the Company/ Websiteat

14. Publication

The uploading, dealing, handling and/ or using of any Personal Information for any lawful purpose bythe Website, including for the purposes and in the manner outlined above shall not constitute‘publication’ in any manner.

15. Reasonable Security Practices & Procedures

The Company takes appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized use, access,alteration and destruction of data; however we do not guarantee that the information provided by youto the Website shall not be intercepted while being transferred over the internet. Access to all Users ispassword protected. A User shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her login IDand password and shall not reveal the same to any third party. In the event a User believes that his/heruser information has been stolen or compromised, the said User must contact the Company and/or theWebsite immediately at The Company/ Website shall endeavour to blocksuch a User’s account or provide restricted access upon being informed of such an event in order toprotect the identity and information of the User. However, the Company and/or the Website shall notbe responsible for any unauthorized use/access to a User’s account or disclosure of any PersonalInformation by virtue of such an event.

16. Changes to Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to update/modify/amend this Privacy Policy as and when determinednecessary by it to reflect changes in their service offerings and according to the applicable laws.Hence, this Privacy Policy shall be updated from time to time to reflect theseamendments/modifications. It shall be the responsibility of the User to check for such updates.

17. Complaints

In the event a User is unhappy and has a grievance with respect to (i) any services/ products orfacilities that are provided on the Website; (ii) any other activity that may take place on the Website,or if a User has any questions, comments, concerns or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy and/orthe Website, the said User may bring the same to the notice by writing to the Company and/ or lodge a complaint with the Company/Website. The Company/Website shall ensure that it takes all the necessary steps to address the said User’s questions,comments, concerns to the best of its abilities.

18. Contact us

Users may contact us at

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Tower ‘A’, 8th Floor,
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Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013
Contact Numbers:022 61410300
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