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Nursing made easy

Who recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months to be continued till 2 years with a nutrition rich diet of solids

Discover our range of breast pumps, storage bags, pads and nipple shields that will help ease your breastfeeding journey.


How is breastfeeding
beneficial for the baby ?

We recommend six months
of exclusive breastfeeding for your baby.
Breastfeeding your baby during these months
is crucial since –

  • It builds their immunity and supplies necessary nutrients in the correct proportion.
  • It lowers the risk of contracting ear, nose, and throat infections.
  • It keeps diseases like diabetes and cancer at bay.
  • Babies can digest mother’s milk easily.
  • Breast fed babies have a healthier weight

How is breastfeeding
beneficial for the Mother ?

Apart from strengthening the mother-baby
bond, breastfeeding also helps:

  • Reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Breast Cancer
  • Mums get back to their pre-pregnancy weight

We have all that
A mommy needs

To take care of your bundle of joy and you, We have
an array of products like breast pumps, nipple shields and breast pads.

Group of products
Electric breast pump

Comfort Feed Electric Breast Pump

  • 9 suction levels that allow you to adjust the flow
  • In-built breast massager with 5 levels
  • Imitates baby’s natural sucking pattern
  • Powerful battery which lasts for 1.5 hours
  • Easy-to-read digital display & easy-to-use controls
  • Lightweight with soft silicon cushioning
breast pump

Manual Breast Pump

  • Allows mother to express comfortably
  • Create a rhythm by gently pressing the lever to express your milk
  • Press the lever gently to express your milk
  • Milk container can be used to store the expressed milk
  • Easy-to-read digital display & easy-to-use controls
  • Ensure silicone cushion is well fitted for proper suction

Milk Storage Bags

  • Our Breast Milk Storage Bags provide safe and secure
    storage for your precious breast milk
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer and are
    pre-sterilised for immediate use
  • The self-standing bag is easy to use with a wide neck for
    easy filling and pouring
  • The tamper evident seal, reinforced seams and dual layer
    bag makes storing your breast milk completely safe
    and hygienic
  • Area to write the storage date of your milk so you can
    use your milk effectively
  • Storage norm: Breast Milk can be stored in deep freezer
    for 6 months

Wondering How TO use our brest pump ?

How to use a munual brest pump ?

How to use a electric brest pump ?

get in the
flow of things

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Express your love effortlessly
with our breast pumps!

Expressing breastmilk as per your convenience is incredibly
easy with our manual and electric breast pumps.

OUR experts

Dr. Rita sha

Dr. Rita Shah

Lactation Expert,
Qualified Lamaze
Director of Nine Months,
a fitness program
for expectant mothers.

Dr. Debmita Dutta

Dr. Debmita Dutta

Wellness & Parenting
Founder of WPA

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