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Japanese Technology
BIS and ISI Certification
GMP Certified Plant

Morisons Baby Dreams offers a variety of feeding bottles to choose from.
These bottles are spill-proof, BPA-free, and made from Polypropylene, to meet the highest quality standards.
All our feeding bottles are Bureau of Indian Standards and ISI certified.

Regular (Available in: 60ml, 125ml & 250ml)
If you are taking baby steps into motherhood, you might want to start with the regular bottle.

Designer (Available in: 125ml & 250ml)
This bottle comes with a spout, shaped just right for the baby’s mouth - making it ideal for feeding juices.

Royal (Available in: 125ml & 250ml)
Comes with an easy-to-grip handle which helps your baby self-feed. Feeding your baby semi-solid foods becomes easier with this option as it also comes with a spout.

Regal (Available in: 125ml & 250ml)
This bottle comes with a baby spoon that lets you feed your baby without any hassle. It is ideal when the baby is ready to wean.

What is Colic?

Colic is caused when a baby swallows air while feeding. If the baby ingests air, it creates wind and burping making the baby very uncomfortable.

Keep little tummies healthy, always go for anti-colic nipples.

How does a Morisons Baby Dreams anti-colic nipple help?

Our anti-colic nipple with German technology is designed to help reduce colic and gas. Our nipple is integrated with the bottle in such a way that it ensures there is no build-up of vacuum. It keeps the air at the back of the bottle, away from the nipple - so that none of it is sucked in. This keeps your baby free from colic.

Our expert consultant Dr. Debmita Dutta helps you understand all the important aspects of colic and how you can effectively handle this situation.


German Technology
Liquid Silicon Rubber
GMP Certified

As your baby grows, you need to keep changing the nipple. It is advisable to replace the nipple every 3 months or less, depending upon the usage and your baby’s age.

S (0-6 months)
The flow of the milk is slow. This is suitable for babies below six months as their suction strength is low.

M (6-12 months)
You need to upgrade to this medium-sized nipple when your baby starts taking too long while feeding from the small nipple.

L (12 months & above)
Babies of 12 months or more require a wider hole for increased flow as their suction strength is greater.

Use Morisons Baby Dreams feeding bottles only with Morisons Baby Dreams anti-colic nipples.
All our feeding bottles come with an appropriately sized nipple.

Breastfeeding is best for your baby.


*It is extremely important to clean and sterilize the feeding bottle before and after use, and to keep the feeding bottle and accessories in a clean, hygienic and sterilized condition at all times.

To sterilise and clean the feeding bottle:

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