At JLM we believe in being fair to all our stake holders- employees, investors, suppliers, communities, governments and last but not the least our customers. All our business decisions and policies are made keeping them in mind.  



Environment Preservation

Environmental criteria look at how JLM performs as a steward of the natural environment and our resources.


Social Causes

Social criteria examine how JLM manages its relationships with its employees, stakeholders and the communities we work in.   



Governance is the fairness with which the leadership of the company deals with its employees and shareholders putting in place policies that are transparent and well adhered to on both sides.  


Code of Conduct for Employees       Code of Conduct for Employees   
Environment, Health & Safety  Environment, Health & Safety
Social Media Guidelines  Social Media Guidelines
IMS Act adherence  IMS Act adherence
Benefits of Breast feeding  Benefits of Breast feeding