Varunn is responsible for building strategy and guiding the operating companies in our group. He heads the Treasury operations at Hindustan Composites. With his strategy to grow JLM, we added new businesses in the 2000’s – Bigen, Japan’s no.1 hair colour from Hoyu, Equal sugar substitute and strengthened our relationship with Dr. Wild & Co. for the Emoform-R brand. These businesses began to fill in the gap post the departure of Nivea from JLM.

He has also made rapid strides in bringing new JV partnerships with the best Japanese companies in the world, and committing to long term business relations with them, while investing in world class manufacturing facilities for both JLM and HCL. As a consequence, the group is poised to take on any new challenges it faces, and good opportunities it comes across.

Varunn Mody is the “Silent Force” of the group.