Having majored in Media Studies and Political Science from the University of Virginia, USA, Sakshi was pursuing a career in journalism. Sakshi joined JLM at a time when the company was struggling post the exit of Nivea- both the top and bottom lines being under pressure.

Over the last few years, Sakshi has been able to transform the company from a distribution house for foreign brands in India to a home grown FMCG company which manufactures, markets and distributes its brands through its wide and integrated distribution network. Hiring the best talent and adopting technology to enable business growth.

Sakshi along with her team re-launched Morisons Baby Dreams and is assiduously growing it as JLM’s largest contributing brand by revenue. Investing in the brand, keeping the products updated, best in class and connecting with our customer.

Bigen and Emoform, the company’s partner brands have grown in revenue over the past decade and the COVID pandemic saw JLM launch its newest brand- Morisons for home care hygiene products. Sakshi looks forward to working with our talented team to make MBD India’s largest and best baby care brand and building an organization in JLM that is sustainable and socially responsible.

Sakshi Mody is the ‘Influencer’ at JL Morison.